Gallery of my project and product - Leonardo Criolani

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Nebu, lamp with elastic fabric
lynx laser lamp
infinity steel lamp
Cygnus-acrylic led lamp
Manta-acrylic led lamp
molocko lamp by Morden gore
Aurora lamp
orion, sculptural lamp made by wood dust
altair-steel lamp
mc cymbals wall lamp
yes, steel wine rack
Diamond, Sulptural stand mirror
Aurora, mirror finishing lamp
diamond mirror with led light
yes, wall coat stand
molocko, wooden cube lamp
Drop, wall mirror
Customer / Collaborations
book shelf made in plexyglass
Table leg
modern tubolar chair
stellar mirror, designed by jake phipps
book shelf made by plexyglass
orson, jake phipps seeting
Sideboard furniture
handle furniture
Pi greco, coffe table

"A collection of my projects, my ideas, my collaborations"

A gallery of my projects, collaborations and ideas.All of my products and ideas are created and developed in our company in Italy.
Curiosity. This is the word that represent the almost complete sense of my life. The curiosity that pushes me every day, at every moment, almost obsessively to trying to understand, to know, to look at the world around us with new eyes. It is curiosity that makes me take new way, a search for new emotions, a dream of new roads, roads that are not always right, not always easy. Often curiosity leads me into situations I don't know where to make mistakes, it can happen, you can suffer, but in the end you really feel alive.
Curiosity makes me feel alive.
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